Lightning McQueen version 2

Ruben had his birthday and a favourite at the moment is Lightning McQueen and so that was to be the cake. He through in the wish for The King as well, so it was two cakes on one.


Another wish was a cake that tasted like Coca Cola, so that was anew challenge. The cars were made of chocolate cake with strawberry filling as you need a drier cake to make the car cakes.

The bottom, or the street and grass was then the  coca cola cake. I found a great recipe for that and it was a very moist cake with just enough flavour of the coke not to overpower it all.




And as for every birthday for Ruben I made Runeberg pastries, or as Ruben now called it Rubenberg pastries. I tried a new method this year, no cupcake forms but a big cake and cutting out the individual cakes. I think that gives a much better end result.



Snow White for Ava

A was very happy for being asked to make the birthday cake for Ava, a 4 year old girl who likes Snow White and purple. So no big surprise what was the theme for the cake.

I made a flat princess for a change, but as always the face is the biggest challenge to get right. Not sure that this Snow White looks as sweet as the Disney version :-)


The cake was a chocolate cake, with chocolate mousse filling and raspberry filling. Decorations made from sugar paste and marsipane.


A different one


With a bit of  time pressure to do a fun cake, but not using sugarpaste, I did a fudge cake with whipped cream decoration.

The filling was pear and chocolate and as the birthday boy liked Donald Duck I manages to makes some from sugar paste to decorate the cake with.


Ella’s every girls dream cake

Ella was having her 6th birthday and as a girl that loves pink, princesses, glitter and is a keen ballerina the theme for her cake was given.



So I made Ella into a ballerina and a princess on the cake and added loads of girly things: crowns, flowers, diamonds, pearls and just shiny stuff.

DSC_0299 DSC_0298

The cake as a double chocolate cake filled with chocolate mousse, raspberry jam and Suffelicookie cream. I moisted the cake with some orange juice.



Sebastian’s football cake

Sebastian turned 10 and as a keen football player this year he had wished for a football cake. It should be him with a ball standing against the football net.


The net turned out to be the biggest challenge. I tried to do it with sugarpaste but as I feared it all crumbled to pieces when it was time to out the pieces together. So it became a cake where Sebastian stands against pillars of footballs and a net tossed in a pile. Sebastian was very sweet and said that actually this was really good as it showed him having such a fierce football kick that he broke the net :)

The cake was Sebastian’s favorite. Chocolate cake with dark and white chocolate mousse filling, raspberry jam and fresh kiwi pieces.

It was covered with chocolate butter cream and marsipan and sugarepaste.


Linette and Cinderella







It was finally Linettes birthday that she had been waiting for for, well forever. Even though she changed her mind about many things in between, she did always say she wanted a Cinderella cake for her birthday.



So that is what she got, of course. The cake was made with vanilla sponge cake and a cranberry and dark chocolate mousse filling. It was covered with orange buttercream and sugar paste and marzipan.


Cakes for Sophie’s baptism

I was very honoured to get asked to make the cakes for my friends daughter’s baptism. As they call her their little princess that was an obvious theme for the cakes. I wanted to make them quite colourful and fun, but still keep with traditional baby girl colours. So it became a princess cake and a cake with a cheeky little baby peeking out from her pram with a rabbit doing the pushing.



The cakes were different in look and taste.

One was a choclate cake with mango and raspberry mousse filling. Covered with chocolate buttercream and sugarpaste.

The second was a new experiment. Ginger- cinnamon sponge cake with caramel mousse, pear and dark chocolate mousse. I was worried the cake was going to be too sweet, so I held back on the filling, which made the cake slightly dry. Next time more filling, is thus the conclusion. They were covered with liquer butter cream and sugarpaste.

DSC_0866 DSC_0871

Glada Vappen – Celebrating Spring

For the annual Vappen festivities here in Finland we all eat Munkar, or fried sweat breads.

This was my first attempt and I am happy with the result. I made them with water and mjöd instead of using milk and covered them with Stevia sugar, to keep them slightly less unhealthy.


Birthday cup cakes

For the birthday party of a friends daughter I was asked to make some colourful, child friendly cupcakes.

I wanted to do all the cupcakes slightly different so I made different ornaments and used some other decorations as well. The result is here:DSC_0124


The cupcakes were two different kinds:

Carrot cupcakes with a vanilla cream cheese frosting

Vanilla cupcakes with a raspberry cream cheese frosting