Glada vappen – Happy First of May

To celebrate the first of May and as we in Finland call it Vappen, I made these to cakes with the theme of our white student hat we always wear on Vappen. Of course there had to be serpentines and bubbly included as well.


One was a chocolate and lemon cake with dark chocolate mousse, and candy chocolarte mousse, moisted with apricot jam and Grand Mariener with a coffe frosting.

The second was a lemon cake, with milk chocolate and white chocolate mousse, raspberry jam and kiwi, with a orange frosting.


Ruben’s farewell cupcakes

Ruben had his last day at nursery before we were moving to Finland and he got to give all his friends these cupcakes with the Finnish flag. They were banana cupcakes with blueberry frosting. Yummy.