Linette 3

Linette finally had her birthday that she had been waiting for for such a long time. She could never really decide what she wanted on her cake, as it changed every day so I decided to make cupcakes decorated with all her favorite characters and then a cake with famous Finnish carneval cookies and pink marengue.

The characters on the cupcakes are Pippi, Dora and Diego, Winnie the Pooh and some of his friends and a few from the world of Mumin.


Mother’s day

It was the first time for many years I could celebrate Mother’ s day with my mother and sisters, so I wanted to make a really yummy cake for the occasion. I made a carrot cake with white chocolate mousse and orange scented butter and cream cheese frosting. And it was very yummy!


I love mazariner, which are almond cakes with frosting. I made these lovely cakes for the first time, and they were really tasty. For a brunch I decorated them with lovely strawberries and for a name day gift I made roses out of marschmellow paste and decorated them with whipped cream and the rose.