Birthday cake “modern style”

My friends daughter had her 10th birthday and she was getting a Iphone as a present, so I thought a Iphone cake would be quite funny. The birthday girl is sitting on the Iphone listening to music, with her schoolbag and school books next to her. She loves to ride, so I put her riding helmet and boots there too. And as fitting for any Iphone there has to be a few angry birds!

The cake is a sponge cake filled with strawberry mousse and chocolate-waffle cream. The cake was covered with butter cream, sugar paste and marzipan.

 For the party I also made vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, stripy pink ones with red and pink flowers.

So the children wouldn’t run out of sweet things I also made some whoopie pies, with chocolate mousse and macaroons with whipped cream. Sugar attack!!


SFP cupcakes

I am standing  as a candidate in the local elections for the SFP party in Finland and for our children’s party I made mini cupcakes with the logo of the party as a decoration. Luckily the logo is very child friendly 🙂

They were chocolate cupcakes, made with yoghurt and a mango-creamcheese frosting.

Birthday cakes for Pentti

My friends dad turned 70 and for his surprise party I was asked to make two cakes. The cakes were to reflect the things he loves, his motor cycle, fishing and being a handy man. The first cake I decided to make to look like his biking jacket with his silver helmet on top.

The second was all about his bike, fishing and his tool box.

They were so much fun to do!

Both cakes were white cake sponges filled with a white chocolate and dark chocolate mousse. They were moisted with mango pure and raspberry jam and for texture they also had some dried mango in them. They were covered with lemonbuttercream frosting.