Disco ball, the ultimate party cake

For my nieces 7th birthday the wish was a disco ball cake as the birthday girls loves to dance. It was a challenge to create a round cake, but for a first timer I am quite happy with the result. The birthday girl got a main stage position with a microphone surrounded by disco goers.

The cake was a white sponge cake filled with chocolate mousse, fudge and raspberry jam. It was covered with chocolate and orange butter cream and covered with sugar paste and marsipane.


Afternoon tea for Father’s day

To celebrate the father’s in our family I wanted to make us all a traditional Afternoon tea menu. The theme was Finnish berries, and that came through in most of the things served.

The menu was:

– Cucumber sandwhich

– Lemon cured salmon and majonnaise sandwhich

– Reindeer pate and lingonberry jam sandwhich

– Cranberry scones

– Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

– Rhubard, lemon and strawberry tarts

– Summerberry dessert

– Blueberry brownie tower

– Blueberry Shortbread

And finally I have some decent pictures as well on this blog 🙂









Dragon cake

What kind of cake to make for a 7 year old boy? Well, fire blowing dragons are always fun! So that is what I did. I was ambitious trying to make a cake where the mouth would be open, but with sponge cake that is easier said than done. So day 1 it was a dragon blowing fire and the day of the party it was more a dragon whistling… But it was fun to do!

I also wanted to make it more real by using frosting on top to give it more texture rather than sugar paste. So it was a sponge cake with strawberry and crispy chocolate cookie filling and a vanilla cream cheese frosting. Some strawberry jam was included for moisture as well.

I also made some vanilla chocolate Whoopie pies. Great for childrens parties!