Happy new year!

For my sister’s New year’s party I wanted to make a cake of a snow landscape on new years eve. It needed to be on two levels so that there was a clear distinction between sky and ground. Most important things were the snow and then the fire works, which turned out more difficult to make than anticipated. Also this cake taught me not to use sugar paste close to its expiry date as it was very dry and gave me some problems trying to cover the cake as it broke very easily. But all in all, I am reasonably happy with the result.


IMG_6347 IMG_6348

The cake itself was a chocolate cake filled with raspberry and mango mousse, drenched in Kahlua and glögg and covered with coffee butter cream.



More Cake pops

I really got into the cake pops and here are few other ones I made over Christmas.

These fire work cake pops were made of beetroot brownies and covered with black coloured white chocolate.

photo (2)


To celebrate Lucia, a traditional December festivity, I made a cake pops Lucia party. The cake was gingerbread based and covered with white chocolate.