Cakes for Sophie’s baptism

I was very honoured to get asked to make the cakes for my friends daughter’s baptism. As they call her their little princess that was an obvious theme for the cakes. I wanted to make them quite colourful and fun, but still keep with traditional baby girl colours. So it became a princess cake and a cake with a cheeky little baby peeking out from her pram with a rabbit doing the pushing.



The cakes were different in look and taste.

One was a choclate cake with mango and raspberry mousse filling. Covered with chocolate buttercream and sugarpaste.

The second was a new experiment. Ginger- cinnamon sponge cake with caramel mousse, pear and dark chocolate mousse. I was worried the cake was going to be too sweet, so I held back on the filling, which made the cake slightly dry. Next time more filling, is thus the conclusion. They were covered with liquer butter cream and sugarpaste.

DSC_0866 DSC_0871


Glada Vappen – Celebrating Spring

For the annual Vappen festivities here in Finland we all eat Munkar, or fried sweat breads.

This was my first attempt and I am happy with the result. I made them with water and mjöd instead of using milk and covered them with Stevia sugar, to keep them slightly less unhealthy.


Birthday cup cakes

For the birthday party of a friends daughter I was asked to make some colourful, child friendly cupcakes.

I wanted to do all the cupcakes slightly different so I made different ornaments and used some other decorations as well. The result is here:DSC_0124


The cupcakes were two different kinds:

Carrot cupcakes with a vanilla cream cheese frosting

Vanilla cupcakes with a raspberry cream cheese frosting