Linette and Cinderella







It was finally Linettes birthday that she had been waiting for for, well forever. Even though she changed her mind about many things in between, she did always say she wanted a Cinderella cake for her birthday.



So that is what she got, of course. The cake was made with vanilla sponge cake and a cranberry and dark chocolate mousse filling. It was covered with orange buttercream and sugar paste and marzipan.



Cakes for Sophie’s baptism

I was very honoured to get asked to make the cakes for my friends daughter’s baptism. As they call her their little princess that was an obvious theme for the cakes. I wanted to make them quite colourful and fun, but still keep with traditional baby girl colours. So it became a princess cake and a cake with a cheeky little baby peeking out from her pram with a rabbit doing the pushing.



The cakes were different in look and taste.

One was a choclate cake with mango and raspberry mousse filling. Covered with chocolate buttercream and sugarpaste.

The second was a new experiment. Ginger- cinnamon sponge cake with caramel mousse, pear and dark chocolate mousse. I was worried the cake was going to be too sweet, so I held back on the filling, which made the cake slightly dry. Next time more filling, is thus the conclusion. They were covered with liquer butter cream and sugarpaste.

DSC_0866 DSC_0871

Glada Vappen – Celebrating Spring

For the annual Vappen festivities here in Finland we all eat Munkar, or fried sweat breads.

This was my first attempt and I am happy with the result. I made them with water and mjöd instead of using milk and covered them with Stevia sugar, to keep them slightly less unhealthy.


Birthday cup cakes

For the birthday party of a friends daughter I was asked to make some colourful, child friendly cupcakes.

I wanted to do all the cupcakes slightly different so I made different ornaments and used some other decorations as well. The result is here:DSC_0124


The cupcakes were two different kinds:

Carrot cupcakes with a vanilla cream cheese frosting

Vanilla cupcakes with a raspberry cream cheese frosting

Birthday boy 2

My son had his own 5th birthday party and luckily it wasn’t another Lightning Mcqueen cake on the menu, although that had been mentioned. The favorite character now is Jake and the Nevernever land pirates, so that was my task. I asked what kind of taste he wanted and said apple! Slightly unusual, but you got to give it a try.


I made a carrot cake but substituting carrots with apples. It was actually very nice, though I tried it with butter instead of oil and I think oil would be better in accordance with a normal carrot cake recipe. The filling was raspberry jam and mango, apple cream cheese frosting. As the cake was very dense, I made it more moist with apple juice.


Birthday boy 1

My friends son planned his 5th birthday party and for the party he wanted a cake, but not just any cake 🙂

It was to be a Lightning Mcqueen cake, with a car track around it. It had to be chocolate with whipped cream and strawberries. OK, so that is what he got!


The gravel was made of Dajm waffle cookies that were also included in the whipped cream filling.



Happy new year!

For my sister’s New year’s party I wanted to make a cake of a snow landscape on new years eve. It needed to be on two levels so that there was a clear distinction between sky and ground. Most important things were the snow and then the fire works, which turned out more difficult to make than anticipated. Also this cake taught me not to use sugar paste close to its expiry date as it was very dry and gave me some problems trying to cover the cake as it broke very easily. But all in all, I am reasonably happy with the result.


IMG_6347 IMG_6348

The cake itself was a chocolate cake filled with raspberry and mango mousse, drenched in Kahlua and glögg and covered with coffee butter cream.


More Cake pops

I really got into the cake pops and here are few other ones I made over Christmas.

These fire work cake pops were made of beetroot brownies and covered with black coloured white chocolate.

photo (2)


To celebrate Lucia, a traditional December festivity, I made a cake pops Lucia party. The cake was gingerbread based and covered with white chocolate.


Finnish Cake Pops

My sister was throwing a cocktail party on Finland’s Independence day and wanted something sweet but appropriate for the party. After being hugely inspired by a blogg about cake pops I thought I’ll give it a try. It became pops inspired by the Finnish flag and snow. The cake pops were made of coconut brownies and orange butter cream frosting and covered in chocolate.

photo (1)

Happy Sinterklaas

This time I will share the honor with my children and my niece who all by themselves, with a little help of my craft utensils, decorated this gingerbread house. As we were celebrating SinterKlaas the house became a SinterKlaas house for him and his Zwarte Piets. A few presents had to be thrown in for good order as well.